Nucular electronics — the platform for design light electric vehicles (LEV)

A unified control system for electric vehicles, such as electric bike, motorbike,
scooter, karting. All components are synchronized with each other in order
to effectively and smoothly control electric vehicles.

Electronics kit

All devices are connected by CAN-bus. Each component can be used separately with devices from other manufacturers.
  • Motor
    For controlling 3-phase permanent magnet motors (BLDC, PMSM
    or PMAC).
  • On-board
    For displaying basic parameters, setting driving and control modes.
  • Battery Management System
    Battery Management System (BMS) for controlling the energy consumption of a battery.
  • Lighting

    Lighting control controller: turn signals, brake light, headlight or LED strip.

Components overview
We offer components for self-assembly of light electric vehicles. If you are an electric vehicle development company, we can become your OEM partner, which will save a lot of time and effort, thanks to a reduction in the cost of research, development, testing, and support of your own components. Using our line of solutions you get constant technical support and software updates.
6F | 12F | P24F
A powerful ARM microprocessor provides precise and smooth control of the BLDC motor. The controller settings are widely configured — you can set parameters, power strokes of the gas throttle, fully customized to your needs. The controller achieves an efficiency of 98% due to the powerful MOS transistors and special PWM algorithms. Compact size allows you to install it in any suitable place on vehicles with different dimensions — from scooters to ATVs or golf carts.
ARM Cortex M4 CPU and 10 000hr 105C Low-ESR capacitors

Voltage monitoring on all motor phases, power supply, system supply 12V, and 5V

Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop, fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency

Direct phase current sense and hardware over current protection

Configurable limit for motor and battery current

Electric brake different modes available

Battery protection: over current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection

Motor and controller temperature protection

Support motors with any number of poles

Up to 100,000 electric RPM (ERPM = Pole pair * RPM)

Auto-detect 60 degrees or 120-degree hall position sensors

Support torque mode, speed mode, and combined operation, instant throttle response, no lag

Aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation, dual side FET for best heat distribution

Wide types of input, configurable: 0-5V brake, switch brake, 0-5V throttle, torque pedal sensor, pedal-assist sensor

Configurable from Display

Auto no-operation shut down

Various modes of control: sensorless, square, combined, FOC

Multiple controllers on the CAN bus may exist (open protocol LEVCAN)

Charge mode through the motor with the controller, plug any DC supply to the controller to charge your battery
Technical specifications
Nucular 6F v.2
Nucular 12F
Nucular P24F
Maximum power
4 000W
12 000W
27 000W
Nominal power
2 000W
5 000W
10 000W
Voltage range
Phase current, max
Battery current, max
Supply out
12V 3A
12V 3A
12V 3A
Operating temperature range
-30°C to 80°C
-30°C to 80°C
-30°C to 80°C
Phase wires
11AWG 5mm bullets
8AWG XT150
Without wires, M6 terminals
Battery wires
12AWG XT60
10AWG XT90
Without wires, M6 terminals
Hall connectors
2.8mm 6P auto or Juliet waterproof
2.8mm 6P auto or Juliet waterproof
JWPF 8P connector (Hall/Encoder)
Control modes
Square, sensorless, FOC, charger
Square, sensorless, FOC, charger
Square, sensorless, FOC, charger, MPPT
Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection
Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection
Temperature, hardware overcurrent, IO ports overvoltage protection
Protection class
IP54 (IP67 with compound)
IP54 (IP67 with compound)
IP67 (compound filled)
Size, without wires
53х32х91 mm
86х43х125 mm
205х98х50 mm
280 g
640 g
1440 g
On-board computer
The on-board computer is equipped with the large sunlight resistant screen to display main parameters, driving modes settings, software updates for all system components, battery control, and the charging state of the devices via USB.
Charge, speed, power, current, voltage and etc. display

Shows information from all devices on CAN-bus

Software update for devices from MicroSD card and parameter setup

Integrated accelerometer

A lot of control inputs, use just single wire from Display
to Controller

Handy panel with connectors on the backside, no need
for external waterproof connectors

GoPro mount to steering tube included

Configurable fonts, multilanguage

Big, visible under direct light LCD

Embedded light sensor for bright control and headlight

LCD heater for protection from condensate and for winter

Size (WxHxD): 80x90x17 mm. Weight 110 g

Technical specifications
LCD size 2.9"

FSTN, monochrome

Screen resolution 240x128 px

Screen heating

RGB-button backlight

MicroSD slot

USB-charger 5.2V 2А

Password protection

English language

IP54 class

Battery Management System (BMS) 16S | 24S
Battery Management System is a system for controlling the energy consumption of a battery. BMS protects each element in the batteries from discharging and recharging. An adaptive battery balancing algorithm accelerates the time of voltage equalization between its elements. For cold weather, the BMS provides for heating the battery. The wattmeter calculates how much energy was used and shows the statistics of energy consumption. The user is able to see the state of charge of the battery and the error diagnosis on the information screen.

In developing. Preorder available.
Features (main)
Temperature monitoring

Short circuit protection

Integrated into CAN-bus for smooth controller power limit

Software updates via Display (On-board computer)

Number of cells from 5S

Lighting control controller: turn signals, brake light, headlight or LED strip. Easy connection to the controller and the display. If necessary, you can connect to the uLight all the peripherals of the controller via CAN bus without using the display. Video review and connection scheme.
CAN bus integration

Brake signal brightness adjustment (detected from
the controller)

3x CAN connectors for connecting two controllers and display

Throttle/brake inputs

Switch high beam/beam headlight from the display

Switch turn signals using 3-position switch connected
to display

Indication of current consumption level on the display
Technical specifications
Size 55x30x13 mm, weight 25 g

Input 10-15V

The current of one channel 3A, 6 outputs

Total current ~ 10A

6 digital inputs

2 thermosensor inputs

2 digital outputs

3 CAN bus connectors
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Complete solutions
Plug and Ride kits so as not to bother with custom harnesses,
connectors, soldering, and wiring connections.
We accept preorders for controllers without any prepayment. We deliver by DHL to more than 200 countries. After placing the order, we will contact you by email to clarify the address and time of delivery. Don't forget to check the "spam" folder in your email.
Additional devices
All devices are connected to each other via the CAN bus.
Spare parts
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