On-board computer 2.0

Hello comrades!

The year was not easy. But we have something to make you happy! Introducing the new version of the On-board computer 2.0. We tried to take into account all the wishes and comments of the previous model. Let's go on!
The LCD screen is unchanged. Size 2.9", FSTN display, monochrome with a resolution of 240x128 px. The main improvements are related to the case and the reliability of the device. All parts are factory-made. The plastic material of the body has changed, now it is polyamide PA66 with fiberglass — hard, shock-resistant, and with high mechanical strength. There is a feeling that if you encounter a tree, the fork stem will be broken, not the On-Board Computer.

Old version on the left, new on right

Due to the redesign of the device, the size and weight of the case have increased.
Width — 80 mm (no change)
Height — 93 mm (+3 mm)
Thickness —19 mm (+2 mm)
Weight — 158 grams (+50 grams)
To improve moisture resistance, two silicone gaskets have been added for both parts of the case. The rear and front buttons are now part of these inserts, as is the SD card slot cover. You should now find it much harder to damage or lose this protection cap
The number and layout of the ports are unchanged. The display PCB has been redesigned and is now varnished. The back cover of the screen tightly adjoins the PCB thanks to an additional detent. This improvement, together with silicone gaskets, will reduce the probability of getting moisture inside the case at the wire connection points.

New version on the left, old on right

Storing the SD-card in the slot has become more convenient, the silicone cover of the new design securely closes the hole.
The back panel of the case, covering the connectors, has been redesigned. We've increased the length of the screws for a more secure attachment. A special bar has been added that fixes the connector in the port and prevents it from disconnecting. For additional stability of the wires, holding spikes in the grooves of the guides were added.

Old version on the left, new on right

Another improvement has to do with the design of the front button block. The 3D-printed pushers are a thing of the past, now there is nothing to break. The new engineering solution increased the reliability and durability of the screen buttons and the aesthetics of the LED backlighting.

Previous, current

Anticipating questions about compatibility, we answer. The PCB's of the old and new On-board computers differ in size. Unfortunately, you can't move the old board to the new case. Screen glass is also incompatible. At the firmware level, both versions of the displays are fully compatible.
We will continue to support the old version of the On-Board Computer. The spare parts available for repair are the screen glass and LCD unit. Cases of the old version are available until stocks are exhausted, then they will not be produced.
The cost of the new version of the On-board computer remains unchanged — $110. The batch is in stock and first of all will be sent out during February on previously placed pre-orders. In the future, On-board computer 2.0 will be available for order without a long wait.

Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned for our next reveal.
Nucular Team