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Thank you for your interest in Nucular products. As with all commercial activities, your pre-order and purchase from Nucular ("Nucular") is subject to a set of Terms and Conditions of use ("Terms and Conditions") which describe how you use the Nucular website ("Nucular Website"), mobile applications, software, hardware products, and related services ("Products").

By placing a pre-order or making a purchase on the Nucular Website, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. Nucular reserves the right to change, add or delete clauses of these Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion without notice to you. You should review the Terms and Conditions each time you access the Nucular website for changes.
Pre-order placement

Due to a large waiting list, Nucular does not have controllers in stock and we only work with pre-orders placed in advance.

To place a pre-order, you need to select the Products you are interested in on the Nucular website, add them to the shopping cart and fill in all the required fields in the pre-order form:

  • name and surname;
  • e-mail;
  • phone number with country code;
  • postcode;
  • city;
  • address;
  • your Telegram or WhatsApp (if you have one of this app);
  • comment (if necessary);
Then click the "Checkout" button. Please enter your real name and surname, and make sure your email address and phone number are correct. If you enter incorrect information, we will not be able to contact you.

After you submit the pre-order on the Nucular Website, you will receive a confirmation email with the list of selected Products. After this confirmation, you will receive a PDF form with your pre-order number in your email within 24 hours. Only after receiving your pre-order number will you be sure that Nucular has accepted and processed your order.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If there is no email, you most likely provided a non-existent email address, or your mailbox is not accepting incoming messages. In this case, try placing the pre-order again, provide the correct email address, or another email address.

Due to the popularity and/or restrictions placed on certain products, Nucular may limit the number of Products available for purchase. Nucular reserves the right not to accept your pre-order without explanation.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the prices on the site when placing a pre-order is not an offer and are not fixed. At the time when the order is ready for assembling, the cost of the Product can be either higher or lower, which is associated with changes in prices for components.
Changing the pre-order
If you decide to add one or more additional controllers to your order within a month of placing your pre-order, we can add them to your pre-order under the same number without increasing the wait time. If more than a month has passed, any additional controllers will be added to the new pre-order under a different number and with a new waiting period. These rules also apply if you decide to replace one type of controller in your pre-order with a different type.
Nucular does not charge any prepayment for placing a pre-order; you need to pay only when the Product is ready for shipment.
Retail prices
Prices on the English-language website are quoted in U.S. dollars (USD). Nucular does not guarantee that prices will be fixed when the preorder is placed. Nucular reserves the right to make price changes without notice.
Wholesale prices
Nucular does not currently offer any wholesale prices, volume discounts, or other special terms for wholesale customers.
Waiting time
At the moment, Nucular is preparing for mass production. During this period, we produce the controllers in batches, which we distribute to pre-placed pre-orders. Due to many external factors, which are difficult for Nucular to influence, we cannot guarantee you an exact date of receipt of your order.

Average waiting times:
6F controller — up to 8 months or more.
12F controller — up to 7 months or more.
24F controller — up to 5 months or more.

Waiting times can vary both upward and downward. We understand that such long waiting times may affect your plans for the development and improvement of your electric vehicle, but at this stage Nucular cannot guarantee that Products (mainly controllers) are in stock and will be shipped immediately.
Force Majeure
Nucular is not responsible for any failure or delay in production or delivery caused by any reason beyond Nucular’s reasonable control, including compliance with any government or military regulation or natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, pandemic, epidemic, extraterrestrial events, an uprising, revolution or disaster, accident, strike, lockout, factory closures or rebuilding, embargoes, riots or civil unrest, delays or shortages of transport, or the inability to obtain sufficient production materials and components from Nucular’s usual sources due to their discontinuation, renewal or termination of the supplier’s activities.
Cancellation of pre-order
You can cancel your pre-order at any time by simply notifying Nucular at the mailbox from which you received the pre-order notice or through the form on the Nucular Website with your pre-order number.

Nucular also reserves the right to unilaterally cancel your pre-order in the following cases:
  • resale of a place in the waiting queue to another Buyer;
  • acting in the interests of third parties (resellers) when placing a pre-order;
  • long-term ignoring of order readiness notifications.
    Order readiness notification
    Once it’s your turn, Nucular will notify you via the email provided when you pre-ordered. We notify three times within a month. If you do not respond to the email, we will contact you via WhatsApp or Telegram, if any of the messengers is linked to your phone number. If you ignore messages in messengers during the week, we will cancel your pre-order.

    If you responded to the notification, we will clarify your address, contact information, and items in the order. At this stage, you can add the necessary accessories to the order, the option of filling with a compound. After confirming the final list of ordered items and agreeing on the delivery cost, you choose a payment method and pay for the order.
    Payment for order

    Nucular does not take prepayment for placing a pre-order; you only need to pay for the order when the goods are ready for shipment. The invoice for payment will include the ordered Products and shipping costs.

    You can choose the next payment methods:

    • by link through Cloudpayments service (Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay).
    • by SWIFT transfer (in EURO or USD).
    Or other payment options as agreed with the Buyer.

    For companies (legal entities), payment by bank transfer is possible (in EURO or USD).

    For international shipping (excluding Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan), customs duties and taxes may be charged. All additional payments required for the import of cargo you pay yourself. Customs duties are not included in the invoice. The rate of the duty depends on the total customs value of all goods. Check with the customs office in your country for the number of duties and taxes.

    After payment, we need 4−14 working days (depending on the workload of production) for assembly and testing Products from your order. After that, we will ship your order by courier company.
    Nucular`s pricing excludes all taxes, duties, and charges, regardless of when imposed, levied, collected, withheld, or assessed.

    Buyer furnishes Nucular with an exemption certificate or other documentation sufficient to verify exemption from the taxes, duties, or charges.
    Order delivery
    Nucular delivery worldwide, we use courier services DPD, UPS, and CDEK (for delivery to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan). Nucular sends orders only to the buyer's name that is specified when placing the pre-order.

    You can see the list of countries where shipping is available at this link. If your country isn't on the list, text us through the form on the Nucular Website and we'll try to find shipping options.

    After shipping, we provide you an international tracking number. Shipping time ~ 4−20 days, depending on the destination. Delivery times may be longer due to delays with customs clearance and pick-up of cargo by courier.

    Nucular is responsible for the delivery of the Products purchased by you on the Nucular Website. We insure each package and are responsible for its safety up to the moment of its receipt by the Buyer. However, once you take possession of the ordered Products, you are responsible for their loss or damage. The Products are considered to be in your possession when the courier delivers the package or you pick it up at a post office or shipping company.

    If the shipping company damages or loses your order, Nucular will repair your Product or reship your order at its own expense.
    Products manufactured by Nucular are complex technical devices and, in good condition, cannot be exchanged or returned.
    Limited Warranty
    Nucular guarantees the quality of the assembly, the absence of defects in materials and components of the Nucular brand devices when using the Products in accordance with the user manual and technical specifications during the warranty period. Nucular guarantees that the Products conform with the published specifications of Nucular, and in the case of customizing the controllers for a specific Buyer, the specifications agreed with the Buyer at the time of shipment.

    Nucular does not guarantee that its Products will meet Your purposes. In addition, Nucular does not guarantee that either the standard or custom parameter settings provided by Nucular will meet your purposes.

    In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that any custom parameter settings requested from Nucular for uploading to the Product, or uploaded by you yourself or by a third party after you receive the Product, are consistent with the intended purpose and performance of the device.

    Nucular provides a limited warranty that applies only to the first end customer and is not transferable to third parties.
    Warranty period
    International Warranty Period for Nucular Products:
    For controller 6F v.1 (with or without filling) — 1 year.
    For controllers 6F v.2, 12F, 24F without compound filling — 2 years.
    For controllers 6F v.2, 12F, 24F with compound filling — 3 years.
    On-board computer — 1 year.
    uLight controller — 1 year.

    The warranty does not cover consumables such as fasteners, wires, connectors, pins, and other accessories that come with the device.

    The Warranty Period starts on the date of purchase from Nucular or from an authorized Nucular representative. The date of purchase is the date of payment for the order. If the purchase date cannot be determined, the Warranty Period will commence on the date of manufacture of the device.
    International Warranty
    Nucular brand Products are warranted worldwide.
    Warranty service options
    Nucular provides warranty service under one of the following options.

    Warranty service directly from Nucular
    If you purchased a Product directly from Nucular and during the warranty period the Product does not function under the terms of the warranty, you can obtain after-sales service by contacting Nucular through the feedback form or via the online support chat on Telegram. For warranty service, you will need to provide valid proof of purchase, order number, or your other contacts, by which we can verify the fact of purchase.

    When applying for warranty service, you must indicate the type of controller, manufacturer, and characteristics of the connected equipment (battery, electric motor, type of throttle, and brake levers) and describe in detail the technical problem or malfunction that you encountered. If the situation requires it, you can send photos or videos with a demonstration of the malfunction, controller settings, and on-board computer.

    Nucular specialists will try to diagnose and solve your problem via email or online chat on Telegram. We may advise you to download and install firmware updates, change display or controller settings, and check the quality and reliability of your connection.

    If your problem cannot be resolved remotely or with a firmware update, you may need to ship your product to Nucular for further diagnostics. Nucular will repair or replace at no charge if the problem is covered by this limited warranty.

    After accepting the device for repair, diagnostics and expert assessment of malfunctions are carried out to determine the repair period. Diagnostic and peer review times are not included during warranty repairs. The repair time depends on the complexity of the breakdown and can be up to 30 days. We do not provide another device for the duration of the repair.

    Shipping of the defective Product is at the buyer's expense. At the same time, the risks of damage to the device due to insufficient quality packaging lie on the buyer's side. After repair or replacement, we will ship the Product to you at Nucular's expense. If in the process of diagnostics we find out that the damage to the device was caused by reasons that are not covered by the warranty, then in this case the repair and return delivery are carried out at the expense of the buyer.

    Warranty service by an authorized Nucular representative
    If you have not purchased the Product directly from Nucular, you should contact the authorized Nucular representative from whom you purchased the Product. If the representative is unable to help remotely, in this case, you need to deliver by yourself or ship the defective Product to the authorized Nucular representative in your country. The authorized representative will communicate directly with Nucular to resolve issues related to the repair or replacement of the Product. Shipping of the defective device is at Purchaser's expense unless a Nucular Authorized Representative provides you with an additional return shipping label service. In this case, the risks of damage to the device due to insufficient quality packaging lie on the side of the Purchaser.

    After the repair or replacement of a device, a Nucular Authorized Representative will ship the device to you at our own expense. If in the process of diagnostics we find out that the damage to the device was caused by reasons that are not covered by the warranty, then in this case the repair and return delivery will be carried out at the expense of the Purchaser.

    Self-service ("Do it yourself")
    As part of self-service, Nucular or a Nucular Authorized Representative will provide you with easily replaceable parts or accessories such as screen buttons, button pushers, screen glass, display case, display LCD module, wires, connectors that you can replace defective or damaged using non-specialized and accessible tools.

    Nucular will not pay you for your own repairs.

    If you need further assistance with such a replacement, please contact Nucular via the feedback form or via the online support chat on Telegram. If Nucular decides to use the Do It Yourself option, the following maintenance process applies:

    Nucular will send you a replacement Product, part or accessory, along with appropriate replacement instructions, if necessary. If the Product or spare part was damaged due to your fault, you need to pay the cost of the product or spare part, as well as delivery to your address.

    In some cases, Nucular may require the return of a replacement Product or part.
    Limitation of Liability

    Nucular reserves the right to void the warranty and not provide warranty service for the following activities or damage to the Product:

    • if the device has traces of unauthorized interference or an attempt was made to unauthorized self-repair;
    • if unauthorized design changes, modifications, traces of manual soldering on the board were found;
    • self-filling with the compound;
    • traces of corrosion;
    • use of devices without a сase or with a self-made case;
    • incorrect connection of the device (not according to the scheme);
    • exceeding the current and (or) voltage limits specified in the technical specifications;
    • damage caused by additional equipment, e.g. burn-through from power surges, melting, short circuit;
    • the presence of mechanical damage (scratches, cracks, fall marks, insulation damage);
    • damage caused by foreign objects, insects, liquids or immersion into liquid (for versions without compound);
    • damage caused by environmental influences such as fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or lightning strike, etc.;
    • damage caused by accident, negligence, careless handling;
    • damage resulting from any technical or other support not owned by Nucular or an authorized Nucular representative, such as assistance with practical advice on setting up or installing the Product incorrectly;
    • defects or damage caused by improper use of the product, use for other purposes, including use contrary to the instructions;
    • any defects caused by attempts to connect to incompatible firmware, in particular, a downgrade of the device firmware version that was installed by the manufacturer upon sale;
    • defects caused by natural wear and tear of the Product, including wires, cables, connectors, and housings.
    The Purchaser understands and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the Product and possible harm caused to the life, health, or property of the Purchaser and other persons as a result of violation by the Purchaser of the established rules for installing, connecting, using, storing or transporting the Product.
    Technical support
    At this moment, Nucular provides technical support only in Russian and English languages. Installation and setup instructions, diagrams, and firmware versions for all Nucular Products are also available in Russian and English.

    Nucular specialists do not provide technical support via telephone or voice/video calls via messengers. All communication between the Purchaser and Nucular specialists shall be done in writing via e-mail or messengers (Telegram and WhatsApp). Before asking a question about any feature or setting, make sure you have read all the information in the setup instructions.

    For your support we have:
    All instructions, after connect of the controller need to set up battery parameters and run the Auto-setup function.

    Connection diagram.

    Firmware updates.

    For technical questions, faster support, and software updates — Telegram chat in English with our community, join us.

    Feedback form on the site.

    Feedback (new functions, ideas, votes).

    Open protocol LEVCAN.

    Be sure we'll help you in any situation.
    Other important notes
    This limited warranty is the exclusive and only warranty provided, in lieu of any other express or implied warranty. Nucular makes no warranties, express or implied, outside the scope of the description contained herein, including an implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. It is at Buyer’s discretion to use a faulty, defective, and unacceptable Product. Nucular is not responsible for any damage to other property due to any product defect, inconvenience, loss of usefulness, loss of time, or any special, incidental, consequential or consequential damage, punitive damages or damages, including, but not limited to only those listed, commercial damage, loss of profit, loss of profits, loss of confidential or other information, losses caused by interruptions in business or production activities due to the fact that such Products will be determined as faulty, with defects and unacceptable for use.

    This limited warranty gives Purchaser specific legal rights. Purchasers may also have other rights under local consumer protection laws that vary from country to country and may not coincide with this limited warranty. Please consult your local laws to fully understand your rights. The Purchaser may also have other rights by written agreement with Nucular.
    Our contacts
    If you have questions, suggestions, or you need technical support, write to us.
    Russian Federation, 121059, Moscow
    Berezhkovskaya embankment, 20, building 6

    Why Nucular?
    In English "Nucular" is a commonly used mispronunciation of the word "nuclear". We used this word to emphasize high power density of our controllers

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