Firmware update
The current version of the display and controller firmware is available at this link. Copy files to root directory of microSD card (Fat/Fat32), insert into display (contacts on top) and run update process. To check the current version, go to "Controller" - "Device Information", the cursor indicates the current version.
Update from 26.05.2020. Controller v0.7.15
Small update:

  • Decreased DCi Ki default from 500 to 200, vibration complaints
  • Slightly decreased FW start point.
  • Added full debug info export.
  • Added logger mode selection and tuned logger start.
  • Removed first line from log for easy datazap upload.
Update from 20.05.2020. Controller v0.7.14
  • Fixed many charger glitches, however still have few.
  • Added soft start to charger and more safe phase detect.
  • Completely reworked field weakening, now should not have any hard braking after release.
  • Added minimum speed reference for speed PID.
  • Added RC PWM control on P1 port (throttle/brake).
  • Added more logger parameters.
  • Few important FOC control fixes, DC current should be calculated better under field weakening.
  • Fixed one weird ultra-rare bug in square mode.
  • LEVCAN operates on queues now, log time 2x faster when display updated
Update from 10.04.2020. Controller v0.7.13 (logger added)
  • Experimental logger added
  • Save log once for every turn-on, reboot if you need to save multiple logs.
  • Disable logger to use configuration import/export or software update
  • In logger options there is a setting to make it log at every turn-on
Update from 19.03.2020. Display v0.59B Hotfix
  • Hotfix for display speed sensor
  • Hotfix quick statistics (text was overlapping)
Update from 06.03.2020. Display v0.58B
  • Fixed 0V throttle issue
  • Fixed charge statistics reset
  • Added km/h or mph switch
  • Added more parameters to info. lines on main screen
  • Added hotkey mode for compatibility with controller speed functions
  • Fixed contrast setting
  • Added driving range, calculated from WH usage
  • A lot of tiny fixes
Update from 02.03.2020. Controller v0.7.12
  • Fixed N mode
  • Fixed motor wiggle at charger mode
  • Added more debug information
Update from 21.12.2019. Controller v0.7.10
  • Torque PAS fixes
  • Fixed configuration import for advanced modes
  • Added configuration selector from 1 to 9
  • Import will show first line of configuration, you can put a comment here
Update from 21.11.2019. Controller v0.7.9
  • Hotfix, fixed NaN error for analog inputs.
Update from 20.11.2019. Controller v0.7.8 (Big update)
  • Big menu update
  • Control logic completely reworked for future compatibility with BMS
  • New default values for PIDs
  • DC-DC low voltage difference charge fixed
  • Inverted brake input added
  • Specific setup for 3 positional speed switch added (can work now as 1-2-3)
  • Button/switch select for usual speed select input
  • Save CRC calculation fixed
  • New speed mode - neutral
  • Speed increment and decrement added
  • Added t-sensor NTC 10k B:3380
  • Reboot command added
  • Fixed field weakening over 126%
  • Fixed VBUS measuring, now it is at PWM frequency, significantly improved overvoltage protection
  • Added median VBUS filter
  • Added averaging of N-X ADC samples filter for throttle and brake
  • Fixed brake glitches
  • Current measuring fixes for better measuring on 6F board
  • When enable button configured controller will not turn-on anymore when power applied
  • Autodetect improved, more informative, short-circuit detect added and timeout fixed
  • Added lock-at-turn-on, will lock throttle untill password on-screen is entered
  • Voltage on phases detect added, will lock controls
  • UVLO added
  • Added "Advanced modes" menu with more specific options per mode
  • Personal throttle protection lock for CAN source or local
  • Motor temperature limit for charger (DC-DC)

Update from 20.11.2019. Display v0.57B
  • CAN buttons setup
  • Inverted inputs setup
  • Statistics reworked
  • Added filters for analog inputs
Update from 19.04.2019. Controller v0.7 rc3. Experimental
  • Fix float point parameter export
Update from 19.04.2019. Controller v0.7 rc2. Experimental
  • Added FOC pid parameters
  • Added more protections against hanged code
  • DC-DC charger now have current derating
  • Added configuration export/import/backup
  • New temperature gradients
  • Default speed is 1 now
  • New cruise types and modes of operation
  • Acceleration/deceleration PI regulator added
  • Throttle torque mode now also limits speed
  • Speed limit have now reference to choose from
  • Parameters now saving in groups, will not reset all configuration in future updates
  • Code excution optimizations
  • PWM output now have temperature range setup
  • PT1000 t-sensor added
  • Better temperature derating, based on absolute maximum current
Update from 09.11.2018. Controller v0.6.
  • Fixed LEVCAN FIFO error, that may cause update fail
  • Some small bugfixes in controller
  • Display now can make screenshot
  • Download

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