Firmware update v0.6.4

Hello, riders!

New firmware v0.6.4 update for uLight:

  • Added export/import.
  • Added kty84 temp sensor.
  • Added hazard switch logic, works when everything is off.
  • Added brake strobe effect.
  • Added data that can be requested over LEVCAN.
What has changed in the uLight menu?
In the menu section uLight > Updates and settings, there is a new items Import config and Export config, which allows you export/import your configuration to/from SD-card.
In menu section uLight > Inputs configuration has added KTY84 temperature sensor for menu items T-sensor T1 type and T-sensor T2 type.
In menu section uLight > Functions setup there is a new menu items Brake strobe period and Brake strobe count for menu section # Brake signal setup #, which allows you setup brake strobe effect.
To download and install the firmware follow this link.