Protection of controllers

Hello comrades!

News about the future improvement protection of controllers. It took a few attempts to polish the schematic, in the final design we did throw away a few components to simplify the schematic and replaced some parts that are unavailable on the market now.

The brain of the controller:
Hall input +100v/-60v protected (diode+PPTC)
CAN H,L +-72v PPTC protected
12V TVS 1.5kW protected + little protective (fuse-able) area
Added SPI input for digital rotational encoders, however, the external board for the differential bus is needed.

Without compound filling — 2A, with filling — 3A.
Short-circuit protection.
Better start-up.
Line regulation improved.
Heat dissipation improved.

Real-life will show how good or bad controllers are protected now! Will see! The update will be implemented in one of the following batches of 24F controllers.

We work!
Nucular Team