Nucular P24F

Hello riders!

After 12 months of development and launch production, we present you with a new controller — Nucular P24F, which replaced the previous version of the 24F controller. Taking into account our experience and, of course, your experience, we have revised the approach to the design of the device. The new P24F has been designed from scratch and features a completely different design that offers many benefits.
Let's start with the main thing — mounting the controller on the bike has become easier and more convenient due to the absence of wires. We also developed two models of mounting the controller on a plane — a regular one, and with the possibility of installing two fans for cooling. We made the files of both mounts publicly available and you can print them on a 3D printer. A simplified model of the controller case will also be available. We hope this helps you design and build your ebike.
The second important update is the moving of all ports for connecting wiring to the outer part of the controller case. Now you can easily change the wires yourself and use any connection you want. The new P24F uses JWPF connectors for which we have developed our own silicone plugs.
By default, the plug does not have holes for wires and, being inserted into the connector, provides sealing and protection of the connector pins on the controller PCB. When connecting the wiring during the assembly of the connector, the wire pierces a hole in the plug, and since the diameter of the hole is smaller than the diameter of the wire, the silicone tightly fits the wire, preventing moisture from getting inside the connector. More information about the installation of new connectors can be found in this video.
Phase and battery wires are also a thing of the past, instead of them fastenings for screws for connecting the M6/M8 terminals.

We paid great attention to the protection and reliability of the new controller:
  • Can-bus is protected at +100V/-60V, including GND!
  • The throttle and brake are +100V/-60V protected.
  • Protection of Hall sensors at +100V.

The new current measurement circuit allowed for a slight improvement in efficiency. Implemented simultaneous support for the encoder and PWM ports. Added additional analog input (PAS) and 10V+ digital input (I4+).

The main characteristics remain unchanged:
  • max power 27kW
  • max phase current 500A
  • max battery current 350A
  • max battery voltage 90V

The dimensions of the controller are 205x98x50 mm. Weight 1440 g. The new P24F controller has improved cooling. The previous version used a design with a heat sink on the sides of the case. In the new controller, which is made according to the "plate" scheme, all the heat is removed to the front radiator of a large area with cooling fins. You can choose the color of the radiator when ordering — black, blue, orange, red, or green.
The new P24F controller kit includes:
  • CAN-wire 120 cm (47,2 inch) long for connection to the On-board computer.
  • 3 screws for connecting the M6 terminals of the phase wires
  • 2 screws for connecting battery wire M6 terminals
  • 22 pcs crimp pins for JWPF connectors
  • 4 pcs JWPF connectors 6P
  • 2 pcs JWPF connectors 8P

The cost of the P24F controller in the above configuration is $610. Price in USD. The P24F controller is by default filled with compound and has IP67 protection. The warranty remains the same — 3 years.

You can add to the controller kit the next goods:
  • Wire with connector for Hall sensors ($8,5).
  • Wire with connector for Encoder ($9,5).
  • Wire for connecting throttle and brakes to the controller ($8).
  • Mating part with 20 cm (7,87 inch) long wires for wire for connecting throttle and brakes to the controller (set of two pieces $4).
  • Wire for charging the battery through the motor ($10,5).
  • Additional CAN-wire 120 cm (47,2 inch) long for connection to the controller. Connectors PHD-JWPF ($8).

You can see photos of all wires, accessories, and spare parts on our website. Yes, it's hard to believe, but photos of all our products have appeared on our website.
But that's not all! As the saying goes: "Hold my beer!".

We couldn't sleep knowing we didn't have an adapter to mount the controller on the Sur-Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting. Introducing ready-to-use Plug&Ride kits for both bikes. We tried to make a concise design of adapters made of ABS plastic, which will successfully fit into the contours of the frame and improve the appearance of your ebike.
The kit has everything you need to install instead of a factory controller, no more pain with custom adapters. Factory wiring does not require modification. All systems will work (lights, key, footrest, fall sensor, remote control buttons). Included with each set is a controller with firmware for three power modes for maximum performance on a standard battery.

Also, we recommend adding to the kit a universal thumb lever for regen function, crimped for connection to On-board computer. The wire length is 40 cm (15,75 inch). Price $20.
What's the waiting time?

Unique situation. Controllers in stock! We ship within a couple of weeks after the order and payment. Don't forget to choose a color.

The Kit for Sur-Ron Light Bee is available from August 10th. No queue. Price $825.

The Kit for Talaria Sting will be available starting around September 15th. Price $825. We accept preorders. For those who do not want to wait, we can send an adapter printed on a photopolymer 3D printer and painted black. The surface quality is slightly worse than the factory ABS, but without loss of functionality.

Here is the new controller. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your attention,
Nucular team