Firmware update v0.8.8

Hello comrades!

New firmware update for the Controllers and On-board computer.

v0.8.8 Update for Controllers:

  • added motor angle to the logger.
  • fixed errors in combined transition logic.
  • fixed clutch negative current spike.
  • added FOC vq limit parameter for QS165 motor.
  • fixed reverse operation for vq limit.
  • current calibration fix for the shunt.
  • LEVCAN got an update on ParseParameterValue.
  • fixed PWM minimum time for TF driver (FOC).
  • DAC is constantly updated with a calibrated value.
  • position sensor temporary fix for FOC when not interpolated.
  • added remote throttle timeout (locked screen full throttle bug).
  • many small fixes for assembly testing.

Export the config before the update, load defaults after the update, and import your config.

v0.75B Update for On-board computer:

  • added passwords for the devices menu and main menu.
  • configurable max visible speed in statistics.
  • fixed some SD card issues, and added exFAT support (not for display update).
  • added phase current bar min/max setting.
  • added menu for forced device update.
  • fixed brake voltage inversion.
  • fixed Wh calculator for high power.
  • removed info line scroll in info line theme.
  • phase current now showed as Ap.

To download and install the firmware follow this link.