Firmware update v0.8.9

Hello comrades!

New firmware update v0.8.9 for the Controllers:

  • Added interrupt setup logic.
  • Added High V ripple flag for plate controller.
  • Added middle DAC offset from raw ampere calibration.
  • Fixed EXTI-PR register reset in the main logger.
  • Fixed Neutral for the master controller.
  • DAC offset updated for the plate.
  • Fixed square wave plate reverse.
  • Fixed reverse sensorless startup logic.
  • Added hall idle parameter.
  • Hall angle fixed, now transition with offset, when not interpolated — no offset.
  • Added fix in HW config for TF21904 drivers (shipped after Dec 2022 till Feb 2023).
  • Added fault flag to the logger.
  • FOC has removed the extra current at the start.
  • FOC angle now has no offsets.
  • FOC sectors moved to match the square wave.
  • FOC added an additional dead time gap.
  • Added load defaults by section.

This update fixes issues with the reverse function of the previous release and also some problems with recently made controllers. There are known issues with starting under high currents that will be investigated later.

To download and install the firmware follow this link.