Firmware update v0.8.12

Hello, riders!

Another big firmware update v0.8.12 for Controller, aimed at optimizing performance and fixing bugs. But, not everything is so boring, we have added some new features. The first feature is MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for charging the ebike battery from solar panels. We will tell more about this technology in the very near future, along with the announcement of a special module for pairing the controller and solar panel. The second feature is a new "Power + torque" throttle mode. More about it is below.
The firmware v0.8.12 for the Controller:

  • Added MPPT solar logic
  • Added throttle lock when brake pressed
  • Fixed FOC 'square' noise
  • The added neutral mode by timer
  • The button now turns off without the need to release it
  • Active braking fix when not enabled (stutter fix too?)
  • Added motor gear ratio
  • Speed kp changed the default to 0.1
  • Added separate throttle mode power+torque
  • Fixed storage erase when both banks are full
  • Increased ampere offset at startup for plate
  • Added power indication in the Converter menu
  • Small parameter text fixes
  • Added continuous logging mode
  • Temperature calculation moved to a separate file
  • Current calibration now only saved when the test finished
  • Added error when current calibration out of range
  • Battery min charge current can be set to 0 now
  • Added NTC10k3500
  • Added file flush when log rate slow
  • Added ADC sample timetable
  • Logger settings offset calculated automatically
  • FOC ADC current sample for P24F changed from ADC3 to ADC1+2
  • Remove low speed for changing HZ mode
  • Added cruise-ready flag
  • Added throttle lock when brake pressed
  • Added low ripple PWM mode (for FOC)
  • DMA removed, because of triple buffering (noise fix)
  • Added throttle-locked flag
  • SVM sector selection moved to a separate function
  • Added lock flags index by function name
  • Increased default throttle response
  • Advanced modes now have default throttle = torque

What has changed in the Controller menu?
In the menu section Controller > Control > Throttle mode a new mode Power + torque. In this mode, it is possible to drive an ebike like a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. The response is similar to the throttle grip on internal combustion engines.
In the same section of the Controller > Control menu, a new menu item has been added — Lock throttle at brake, which disables the throttle lever after the brake is applied until the throttle is fully released. Helps with throttle lever glitches, in this case, the Throttle lock flag will be set in the menu Status flags.
In the menu Controller > Advanced modes the item Neutral timer has been added, which switches neutral on after a certain time, which is set in the settings. To turn it off, switch the speed mode.
Two new items have been added to the Controller > Motor setup menu:
Gear ratio — additional motor reduction factor for motors with built-in gearbox. Simplifies setting wheel ratios for speed calculation.
FOC Optimization — changes the FOC PWM mode with a choice of Efficiency or Ripple. In Efficiency mode — reduces losses in the controller. In Ripple mode — reduces current ripple in the motor and, in some cases, slightly increases motor efficiency and reduces motor noise.
Two new items have been added to the Controller > Converter section:
MPPT — enables and disables the maximum power point tracking feature when charging the battery through the controller from a solar panel.
# Charging Power — shows the current charging power in watts (W).
In the Controller > Status Flags menu, there is a new Throttle lock item that indicates that the throttle lever is disabled.
Finally, in the menu Controller > Logger, the item Continuous logging has been added, which allows you to activate the continuous logging mode, including during stops. Previously, the log was written only during driving and electric motor operation.
You can download firmware here.