The New World Record

Hello Riders!

The New World Record for Sur-Ron Light Bee X with Nucular controller!

The fastest speed that was ever captured on a modified Sur-Ron Light Bee X with Nucular controller 24F:
141 km/h (88.125 mp/h)
This speed was verified by 2 GPS satellite devices that were on the Sur-Ron X during this successful attempt (can be seen in the first 15 seconds of the video):
Dragy DRG 69
Garmin Edge 1030
This was performed on a closed road with full protective gear.
This extremely modified Sur-Ron X weighs 70.5 KG and has produced a peak of over 20KW for over 15 seconds. We can't disclose the rest of the specs and settings at this time, as we're hoping for a more serious achievement!

We are very proud of this achievement of our customer from Israel. Thanks to all the people who took part in this world record!