Firmware update
Update from 19.04.2019. Controller v0.7 rc3. Experimental
  • Fix float point parameter expor
Update from 19.04.2019. Controller v0.7 rc2. Experimental
  • Added FOC pid parameters
  • Added more protections against hanged code
  • DC-DC charger now have current derating
  • Added configuration export/import/backup
  • New temperature gradients
  • Default speed is 1 now
  • New cruise types and modes of operation
  • Acceleration/deceleration PI regulator added
  • Throttle torque mode now also limits speed
  • Speed limit have now reference to choose from
  • Parameters now saving in groups, will not reset all configuration in future updates
  • Code excution optimizations
  • PWM output now have temperature range setup
  • PT1000 t-sensor added
  • Better temperature derating, based on absolute maximum current
Update from 09.11.2018. Controller v0.6.
  • Fixed LEVCAN FIFO error, that may cause update fail
  • Some small bugfixes in controller
  • Display now can make screenshot
  • Download

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